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Leverage your practitioner network to create a recurring revenue opportunity.

Share the benefits of the 100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring Program and earn by referring medical practitioners.


100Plus enables you to share the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring with your network and earn robust, recurring revenue by referring medical practitioners.

API Integration

Whether you’re a Telemedicine, CCM, or Electronic Health Record vendor, 100Plus is the fastest path to integrating RPM into your offering. Our API enables you to access patient demographic and billing data, patient device data, complete 99457 and 99458 monthly notes, and also empowers you to embed 100Plus’ screens into your native app for a unified practitioner experience.

Health Systems, ACOs, & FQHCs

If you manage a large system and have unique needs for your RPM program, we can help – from custom features to value-based care and grants, we are here to serve you.

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