100Plus 2021 Student Scholarship Winner: John Miguel Toribio

100Plus 2021 Student Scholarship Winner: John Miguel Toribio

On October 1, 2021, 100Plus named John Miguel Toribio the winner of the 100Plus Student Scholarship Award.

We are pleased to present this year's 100Plus Student Scholarship winner with a $2,000 award, with the hopes that students like Toribio will continue to pursue innovative and creative solutions to the future of remote patient monitoring.

We at 100Plus felt that Toribio’s submission exemplified the goals of this year’s Student Scholarship by providing a thorough, well-researched, and articulate perspective on the future of RPM. Toribio’s narrated presentation covers every aspect and issue regarding the challenges and opportunities in the world of remote care.

100Plus is the leading Remote Patient Monitoring company and is proud to display the work of students that will soon be at the forefront of the industry. 

The 100Plus Student Scholarship award recognizes outstanding originality in the development of future innovations in Remote Patient Monitoring technology. Toribio’s submission displays the ingenuity of future healthcare leaders and serves as a template for future revolutionary creative endeavors in healthcare technology.

You can view his outstanding submission here.

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