100Plus Code of Ethical Conduct

100Plus Code of Ethical Conduct
100Plus is a mission-driven organization and recognizes that having explicit alignment amongst all team and board members in our purpose is critical to ensuring the company fulfills its promise and potential to the greater community that we serve. We hold our entire team and board to a higher standard, as our success depends on the trust of our practices, providers, and their patients. The code is meant to provide a set of principles specific to guiding our day-to-day decisions as a company and individuals to exhibit the highest standards of ethical conduct for our customers.

Committing to the Code of Ethical Conduct is a condition of employment with 100Plus. We ask that you read this document carefully, considering the spirit, as well as policies that the company has laid out. Since even the mere appearance of unethical behavior may be damaging to you and 100Plus, we encourage you to interpret this code in the broadest possible sense and apply it in everything you do.

As an employee or representative of 100Plus, I commit to:

  1. Working to fulfill 100Plus’ mission of improving the health of patients.
  2. Make business decisions in the order of 1) what is best for the community of doctors and senior patients, 2) what is best for our company, and 3) what is best for ourselves as individuals.
  3. Never compromise our customers’ health in any way — including moving them to a more expensive treatment or device and promoting over utilization.
  4. Never compromise customers’ data in any way — I will maintain confidentiality at all times when handling customers’ personal information and respect the privacy of the data entrusted to us.
  5. Never take part in disclosing or the sale of our users’ identifiable data.
  6. Not partner or formally engage any healthcare provider or entity who has defrauded or harmed our constituents and to immediately disengage with any who is discovered to have done so.
  7. Ensure that any potential purchaser, controlling investor, or board member of our company commits to abide by the ethics outlined in this document.
    Be a champion of these values and hold my peers and myself accountable for our actions.

By signing this agreement I agree to hold myself and my colleagues to the above-listed ethical standards for the duration of my employment with 100Plus and understand that violating this code is grounds for immediate dismissal from the company.

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