Meet Practice Fusion, the Health Start-up that Just Raised $34M

Meet Practice Fusion, the Health Start-up that Just Raised $34M
As the health tech industry gains traction, this San Francisco start-up gets a significant boost. Practice Fusion, a San Francisco-based company that provides an online electronic medical record platform, announced today that it raised $34 million in Series C funding, led by Artis Ventures.

Practice Fusion developed an online platform for medical records that allows physicians to chart data, schedule appointments, prescribe medicine, work with labs, and distribute referral letters.

The company is just one of many (including electronic health record technology company, Allscripts) in the industry attempting to use technology to streamline the bulky processes of the health care system.

Ryan Howard, Practice Fusion CEO, told Inc. that the company has an edge in the market: Rather than building a product around the patients, the company focused on making life easier for the doctors–its core customer.

The online service is free, and a physician can sign up and connect with 70,000 pharmacies within one day, he said. The company claims to have 150,000 doctor clients and 40 million patient records.

“The culture is heavily mission driven,” added Howard. “Our mission is to build this up so we can save patient’s lives. When you start focusing on a problem like that, when everyone has a passionate incentive, we create this culture of innovation.”

The new funding will be used to fuel the varied needs of a growing company–buying new servers, hiring new employees. And Howard envisions a growing social aspect, allowing patients to connect and collaborate on their illnesses.

Originally posted via Inc.

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