100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff

  • No upfront cost — free for you and your patients*
  • Earn more revenue — hundreds of thousands of dollars for your practice
  • Drive Better outcomes — continuously monitor the seniors in your population
  • Start today — we handle patient outreach, enrollment, device setup, and support — you just review the data
100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood Pressure Cuff

The 100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff provides practitioners like you the fastest and most accurate reading using an advanced measuring technique. Patient blood pressure is automatically sent to you and available in a practitioner-centric portal, so you can better care for your patient between visits. The device automatically streams data to the practice with no user intervention.

When a patient receives a 100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff, it’s fully configured and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required. Provide a dramatically higher level of care to your patients by unlocking the value of remote patient monitoring.

Patient Applications

  1. Hypertension / High Blood Pressure (HBP) As you know, chronic high blood pressure can often go undetected and without symptoms, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Over time, HBP wears away at a patient’s blood vessels and can cause a heart attack or stroke. Monitoring a patient’s blood pressure daily can prevent these kinds of catastrophic events and enable you, the practitioner, to take action accordingly.
  2. Treatment of High Blood Pressure If your patient has just started a new treatment for HBP, determining efficacy shouldn’t have to wait until the next office visit. Learn how treatment is affecting your patient between visits and adjust dosage accordingly. If the treatment isn’t working at all, your patient risks a heart attack or stroke. Remote patient monitoring enables you to access your patient’s blood pressure data and make educated decisions about his/her care.
  3. White Coat Syndrome White Coat Syndrome, or white coat hypertension, is when people exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, though they don’t necessarily exhibit the same blood pressure in other settings — like at home. This could be due to the anxiety a patient experiences during an office visit. When practitioners are able to get readings continuously from their patients through remote patient monitoring devices, they’re less likely to get faulty results due to white coat syndrome.


  • Systolic and diastolic measurement
  • Pulse measurement
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Senior-friendly cuff placement indicators
  • Cell network connectivity
  • Automatically streams data to the practice with no user intervention

Product Details

  • Four (4) replaceable batteries included
  • LED display screen
  • Transmission progress and completion indicators


Blood Pressure Cuff Specifications

Free to You and Your Patients*

100Plus is free for your practice and your patients* and makes it easy for you to monitor patients in-between visits and earn extra revenue for Remote Patient Monitoring time with Medicare payment for CPT 99453 and 99457, and co-pay 
for CPT 99454.

100Plus ROI Model
Practitioner looking at remote patient monitoring RPM data

How it works

100Plus is the fastest and easiest remote patient monitoring platform to implement. You can be
Live in Five™ and have your first patients setup in minutes! We do all of the outreach, enrollment, and support — all you have to do is review the data.

  1. Sign up You can sign up within minutes by providing just a few details.
  2. Enroll your patient(s) Add your patient's information and select the 100Plus device you'd like your patient to receive.
  3. Patients receive and use the device We ship the device directly to your patient fully configured. Your patient unpacks the device and can immediately start to use it without any setup.
  4. Review patient data 100Plus streams the data from your patient's device into your account on the 100Plus Provider Portal. After 30 days, we notify your practice to review the patient's data and send out a report.
  5. Get paid We direct your biller to bill Medicare for CPT 99453, 99457, and 99454. You keep the Medicare payment for CPT 99453 and 99457. After Medicare payment, we debit your account for CPT 99454, minus co-pay, to cover our hardware, cellular services, hosting, and customer support.

*May be subject to a copay.