How iBeat Works

The iBeat Heart Watch continuously monitors your heart rate and circulation for anything that appears to be unsafe and checks to see if you're okay.


We analyze data in real-time to look for potential life-threatening emergencies. If something appears to be off, we ask if you are okay.


If you indicate you are not okay or do not respond within ten seconds, our around-the-clock dispatch team will be contacted.


Within seconds of an emergency happening, the watch will notify our dispatch team who will send the appropriate help - police, firefighters, paramedics, or even just a loved one - to your exact location. The watch also has an emergency help button that can be pushed at anytime to get you aid.


Your designated contacts will receive a call or a text notifying them of your emergency, and an incident page will be made available showing your location, current status, and if you’ve been taken to a hospital or nearby care center. You can choose which of your contacts has access to this information.

Our 24-Hour Dispatch Team

Our around-the-clock dispatch team is trained to get you the aid you need, even in situations that may not require emergency services. Whether you’ve fallen, hurt yourself, or just want a loved one to check in on you, you can use your iBeat Heart Watch in any situation.

Our Promise

We promise you and your loved ones will feel safer wearing the iBeat Heart Watch. If within 30 days of wearing the watch, you want a refund, simply return the product for your full money back.