iBeat Company and Product Update – February 2018


Our beta program is in full swing, and the incoming feedback has been very positive! We’ll be making fine tweaks and updates to the watch based on this valuable feedback and look forward to delivering a beautifully designed product that makes you feel safer, empowered, and more in charge of your heart health.

On the feature front, we made a few updates to the watch screens, one of which includes the addition of a Heart Rate Confidence Icon that now appears on all the watch faces. When showing, this icon means the watch is getting a good read on your heart rate, pulse, and blood flow. If the symbol is not showing, it means the watch needs to be adjusted, tightened, or moved away from your wrist bone. This is an enormous deal for us and you, as most activity trackers and smartwatches are unable to tell you when the device is not getting a good read on your heart activity, and thus, are often inaccurate.

Here at iBeat, we designed our product from the ground up to ensure we can confidently monitor and detect unsafe changes in your heart activity. By adding additional skin and contact sensors on the underside of the watch, we can recognize when the watch is being worn and if it is being worn correctly – all to ensure your heart data is accurate and reliable. This makes us even more confident in distinguishing between normal heart activity, abnormal activity, or potentially life threatening activity. We hope you’ll enjoy our Heart Rate Confidence Icon as much as we do. You can see images of the Heart Rate Confidence Icon below.


We’ll be continuing our beta program in the weeks leading up to shipping and will keep you updated on any feedback on or changes made to the product. If you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback, please feel free to email us at support@ibeat.com.

All the best,

-The iBeat Team