iBeat Company and Product Update – September 2017


Hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer! We sure are! We’ve made a lot of progress on the watch and are excited to share an update on the product and company. We have been building out each and every feature of the watch and are working diligently to fine-tune the device’s firmware and internal working components. As mentioned in past updates, we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence, and we are rigorously testing the device so it not only meets our standards, but surpasses yours.

On the company front, we’re pleased to share we recently announced our partnership with SafeBeat, a non-profit that provides free heart screenings for students. By partnering with SafeBeat, we aim to lower the number of deaths from sudden cardiac arrest by encouraging students – particularly student athletes – to get screened, recognize the risk factors and symptoms of a life-threatening heart emergency, and learn hands-only CPR.

We built a free CPR-training app called Heart Hero to help us with this mission, and we will be using this app to train students across the nation, and their families, CPR. After all, it can save a life! We encourage you to download the free Heart Hero app on your mobile phone, and learn hands-only CPR if you don’t already know it.

The app provides several training resources including short how-to-videos, reading assessments, quizzes, and an interactive CPR tempo challenge game where users can test their chest compression accuracy. There is also an AED Finder feature where you can locate nearby AEDs and get directions from your location to the nearest defibrillator during an emergency.

Our vision from day one has been to reduce preventable deaths from heart-related emergencies and knowing and encouraging others to learn CPR is one of the many ways we can reach this vision. In time, we hope to create a healthier and more proactive generation – one that recognizes the implications their day-to-day actions have on their health as well as a generation that is ready and willing to act when CPR is needed and potentially save a life.

As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support while as we prepare to bring the iBeat Watch to market. For any other questions or feedback, feel free to send us a message at support@100plus.com.