Why 100Plus RPM?

100Plus is the leading AI-assisted remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for physician practices. Our solution enables healthcare providers to remotely manage patient’s chronic conditions while proactively supporting practices with patient outreach, enrollment, device setup and education, ensuring patients stay compliant. The result: higher patient adherence, lower patient attrition and clinically meaningful outcomes.

100Plus delivers a complete end-to-end offering, including white-glove service, an AI-enabled virtual health assistant, and a patient portal that helps practices quickly implement their RPM program and keeps patients on track.

Patient Enrollment and Setup

100Plus’ white-glove service identifies eligible patients, performs enrollment, patient consent and training, and ships devices directly to patients ready to use.

Patient Enrollment

  • Automated identification of at-risk patients
  • Patient demographic data is corrected, completed, and validated with partner API
  • Patient clinical data is matched to 100Plus medical devices
  • Insurance eligibility verification
Patient checking blood pressure on 100Plus blood pressure cuff

Device Setup and Shipping

  • Patient outreach and consent through automated dialing, mailing, email, and SMS
  • Devices are shipped directly to patients fully configured and ready to use out of the box
  • Patient outreach and training upon confirmation of device delivery
  • Unlimited devices for managing patients’ chronic conditions
Doctor checking patient data on a computer

Patient Adherence and Population Health Management

Esper our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, reaches out to your patients to ensure that they are testing regularly and that their tests are within a safe range. If a patient is out of range, we alert your practice.

"AI-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient Adherence

  • Esper, our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, performs outreach to patients on behalf of the practice to ensure they perform regular readings
  • The result is higher adherence, lower patient attrition, and dramatic staff time savings
Discover AI-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring
Patient test data alert email

Population Health Management

  • Our population health management engine enables practices to provide real-time interventions for at-risk patients
  • Patient intervention via Population Health Management leverages the American Diabetic Association, American Heart Association, and CDC guidelines to identify patients who are outside of a safe range
  • Dedicated practice staff are identified to ensure patients are triaged promptly helping to avoid potential adverse events, escalations of care or hospitalizations

Patient Data Review

Our Practitioner tools receive data from patients’ devices in perpetuity with no configuration and enable you to review data rapidly to fulfill Medicare requirements.

Blood pressure test data

1. Data from your patients are automatically streamed to your 100Plus Provider Portal with no device setup.

Patient test data status

2. We notify your practice to review the patient’s data, ensuring you meet Medicare review requirements to be reimbursed.

Patient health alerts

3. You can immediately see which patients have elevated readings and those still pending RPM services for the month.

Pre-created patient reporting comment

4. 100Plus pre-created patient reporting template streamlines the patient review using best practice clinical guidelines.

Billing and reimbursement table

Billing and Reimbursement

The 100Plus provider portal makes billing more efficient through automated charge drafts, monitoring time tracking, and easy access to RPM claims data for billing substantiation.

  • Draft charges are generated and can push directly into EHR for billing review and submission
  • Automatic prepopulation to significantly reduce claim denials and resubmittal from administrative errors
  • Eligible RPM claims for reimbursement are generated daily

White-glove service and support throughout the US

Dedicated support that handles every part of your practice’s and patients’ needs throughout the complete life cycle of your RPM program.

For your practice

  • Unlimited support via chat, phone, and email
  • Rapid practice onboarding
  • Business reviews to ensure that your patients and practice is on track

For your patients

  • Every patient receives training and education
  • Unlimited support via chat, phone, and email
  • Consumables (i.e. test strips for glucometers) are automatically re-ordered based on patient test frequency
  • Unlimited warranty and replacement of devices
  • Access to the patient portal to review health history