100Plus Reporting

Drive better outcomes for your patients

When you register as a 100Plus Practitioner, you’re signing up to drive better outcomes for your patients. You can reduce episodic care and improve patient care by continuously monitoring high-risk seniors in your population while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue for your practice. 

From the minute you register as a 100Plus practitioner, we take care of you with a fully white-glove service so you can focus on your patient care.

What does that mean for you? We handle patient outreach, enrollment, device setup, and support — you just review the data. 100Plus will also provide training to doctors, physicians assistants, and nurses, so the entire care team can learn how to chart with 100Plus.

Population Health Management

Population health management alerts enable the providers to receive notifications when at-risk patients’ results are out of a defined range.* This alert feature lets you easily and timely review your most at-risk patient data rather than having to sort and sift through your entire patient population. So how exactly do population health management alerts work?

Population health management alerts: Your patients take tests on their devices daily. Our hope and yours is that their data will fall within clinically acceptable normal ranges.* When they do not fall within those ranges, an email will be sent to you with the following information:

  • Alert type
  • Alert status (high, medium, low)
  • Alert range
  • Link to patient report

After logging in, you will automatically be routed to the patient report with the test data within the alert range.

You’ll be able to write notes on the data and take appropriate actions to provide better care to your highest risk patients. You’ll also be able to record time spent on actions performed for Medicare reimbursement.

Population health management with 100Plus provides:

A higher level of care: 100Plus population health management alerts enable you to receive a notification when your patient has test data outside an acceptable range, which could indicate a health issue that may need medical attention. This means you can proactively provide care to your patients and may be able to prevent unnecessary episodic medical events.

Time more efficiently spent on high-risk patients: Population health management alerts make it easy for medical providers like you to triage care based on your patients’ needs. Let 100Plus population health management alerts save you time so you can focus on improving patient outcomes.

Additional revenue for your practice: You will be reimbursed by Medicare for the time you spend reviewing the alert, logging into the 100Plus portal to view patient test data, patient outreach, and adjusting medical care as a result of your review. Here are the CPT codes you can use: 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

Blood Pressure – High

* Alerting based on guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Diabetic Association (AHA source), (ADA source).