Telehealth home care solution that works

Improve outcomes and care management for your Medicare patients

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

Pairing telemedicine with remote patient monitoring maximizes the efficacy of telehealthcare for your Medicare patients as well as gain additional revenue. Your practice will gain crucial health trend data of patients from monitoring devices sent to a central Provider Portal real-time. Medical professionals can access patient data during telehealth visits, better informing each appointment, or receive health alerts when the patient data is out of normal range.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices measure and send blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, weight, blood oxygen, and pulse data, which can indicate health or deviation from normal healthy ranges. The 100Plus Provider Portal gives you the patient data you need to provide the best care possible during telehealth visits. It also provides you with insight into which of your patients needs the most care when so you can schedule a video or phone appointment to check in on patients who may be in hypertensive crisis or have a high fever, for example.

Why 100Plus for your telehealth care solution?

Effective remote home care

Get accurate and up-to-date health information for each patient to inform telehealth visits. The data is designed to inform you of health trends and alert you when a patient is at-risk or out of a healthy range.

  • Fast and accurate chronic condition monitoring
  • Real-time health alert for your at-most risk patients
  • 24/7 access to patient data
  • Multiple health monitoring devices
Health alert for telehealth
Senior blood pressure remote patient monitoring
Improve the outcomes of your at-risk patients

Continuous patient data enables healthcare professionals like you to improve the health outcomes of your most at-risk patients by proactively providing care and preventing unnecessary episodic medical events.

  • Eliminates the need for at-risk patients to travel
  • Gain comprehensive continuous insight into your patients’ health trends
  • Proactively provide care to your patients and prevent unnecessary emergency hospital visits.
Easy billing & logisitics

Your billing process doesn’t change and you don’t have to think about logistics — our provider success team can manage patient outreach and enrollment on your behalf.

  • Easy and fast enrollment
  • No cost to you or your patients
  • Full-service device logistics – ready to be used out of box
  • Medicare reimbursement – $720/patient per year
Telehealth visit with remote patient monitoring

Learn more about how remote patient monitoring can enhance your telehealth practice through increased efficiency, patient data, and additional practice revenue.