The Top 3 Best Tech Devices for Seniors


The world of technology has been rapidly evolving, with more advanced and innovative gadgets entering the market every few months. There has also been a great deal of innovation in tech devices for seniors. Many of these devices aim to solve simple daily issues, such as remembering to take your medications or monitor your blood pressure, and are all focused on helping increase one’s quality of life. Below are the top three essential tech devices we think every senior should own.

1.) The iBeat Watch

Of course we’d have to include ourselves on this list! After all, there are a handful of devices on the market that can get a user help at the press of the button, but not a single one of these devices have been designed with a fashion-forward approach.

The many features that have people interested in making the iBeat part of their daily life include its sleek appearance (it looks like an everyday watch), its immense functional use (its sensors never stop monitoring your heart and pulse), and most importantly, the device can save lives.

The iBeat Watch is equipped with medical grade sensors that continually track a user’s pulse, blood flow, tissue oxygenation, tissue perfusion, and much, much more. The watch can also be used for daily activity tracking to let you know how many steps you’ve taken as well as provides a high level overview of your general cardiovascular health. If your heart is in danger of slowing or stopping, the iBeat Watch alerts you and should help be needed, can notify your emergency contacts and 911 to get you immediate help. The device also comes with a help button that when pressed, allows you to select help from your emergency contacts, 911 or both, at any time of day or night.

2.) August Lock

August Lock is reinventing the home door lock by making it smarter and safer. Door locks may seem simple enough as is, but smart locks are now emerging with a treasure chest full of added features – many of which will make you feel safer and more secure.

Knowing that you can lock and unlock your doors wherever you are gives you the peace of mind that your home is constantly secure, whether you remembered to lock the front door on your way out or completely forgot to check. With August Lock, you don’t need to carry your keys around with you anymore – it makes keyless entry and remote control access very simple.

Having an August Lock doesn’t mean you have to completely remove your current deadbolt system. This smart lock works by replacing the inside plate and lever of your existing deadbolt, leaving the bolt as well as the exterior of your door intact.

3.) Apple iPad

The Apple iPad broke into the tablet scene nearly a decade ago and has since become one of the most iconic pieces of modern technology. 

For many seniors around the world, the Apple iPad makes everything – from downloading new recipes and watching TV shows to hopping on a video call with the kids and grandkids – an absolutely seamless experience. The user interface is simple enough for anyone of any age to navigate, and within the Settings of the device, you can select larger font making it a great tool for those with impaired vision.

Additionally, Apple has a vibrant community of developers that are constantly releasing new applications tailored to every possible interest you may have. Whether it’s watching the Masters in HD or playing video games with your grandkids, the iPad makes for a great, universal tool for all ages.

There is no better time than now to start integrating new technology into your life, or a loved one’s life. Devices with more advanced, reliable, and practical features are released every year, and 2017 is a phenomenal year for seniors. The devices on this list will help you make a significant upgrade in your daily activities and may potentially even save your life.