The leading AI-Assisted Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Remote Patient Monitoring

100Plus is the leading AI-assisted remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for physician practices. Our solution enables healthcare providers to remotely manage their patient’s chronic conditions while proactively supporting practices with patient outreach, enrollment, device setup and education, ensuring patients stay compliant. The result is increased efficiency, higher patient adherence, fewer hospitalizations and better patient outcomes.

Drive Better Patient Outcomes

Receive actionable data to help identify and treat
at-risk patients faster, resulting in fewer hospitalizations and better outcomes.

Improve Health Metrics

Experience measurable improvements to patient health metrics for chronic conditions, including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Download our white paper

Increase Patient Adherence

Our AI-assisted RPM has shown a 36% increase
in patient adherence, lower patient attrition, and significant time savings for physicians and
medical staff.

Seamless Patient Onboarding

Enable seamless integration and patient onboarding. Our white-glove service includes EHR integration, patient outreach, enrollment, device setup, and educational support so your practice can be up and running in days.

100Plus delivers a complete end-to-end solution

100Plus is the fastest-growing RPM platform because we deliver a complete end-to-end solution, including white-glove service and an AI-enabled virtual health assistant to quickly get your RPM program implemented and keep it on track. Our service includes delivery, education, patient enrollment and ongoing support  – so you can focus on providing exceptional care.

  • Facilitation of patient outreach, education, and enrollment¹
  • Device setup and shipping directly to your patients
  • Regular communications and reminders to ensure patient adherence
  • Population health management alerts that enable real-time interventions for at-risk patients
  • Customized practitioner dashboard and templates to review patient data
  • Automatic charge draft generation for billing reconciliation²
  • White-glove service and support for practices and patients
  • Full-service clinical monitoring and billing support

The result is simple – more patients enrolled, increased patient adherence, improved health metrics and better outcomes.

How 100Plus works

Provider on the phone, and using the 100Plus portal.

We enroll your patients and provide support

Practices may choose to enroll as you go, or our white-glove service team will connect to your EHR, identify patients eligible for the RPM program, perform healthcare insurance eligibility, prior authorization, patient consent, enrollment, education and ongoing support. We ship devices directly to your patients fully configured and ready to use.


We help drive patient adherence

Esper, our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, engages patients to ensure regular testing and compliance. If a patient’s results fall outside of a safe range, our clinical team will escalate to your staff  based on a set of customized parameters so your practice can quickly intervene.


We make billing and reimbursement more efficient

The 100Plus provider portal makes billing more efficient through automated charge drafts, monitoring time tracking, and easy access to RPM claims data for billing substantiation. The 100Plus clinical team can enter patient notes directly into your EMR, and generate claims for your review and submission.


Get reimbursed

Easily track and review claims from our 100Plus portal. Practices can bill insurers (e.g. Medicare) based on standard billing practices for CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

Fully-configured ready to use devices

Frequently Asked Questions

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More questions about Remote Patient Monitoring? Find answers on our FAQs page.

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1. The practice reviews and approves all patients that are enrolled in the RPM program.
2. The practice is accountable for billing submission to the appropriate payer. 100Plus assists in the creation of the charge draft.
3. Patient co-pay and deductible may apply for remote patient monitoring services.
4. Total potential revenue not inclusive of 100Plus service fee.