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How it Works

As a Practitioner, you can recommend 100Plus's Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Device to eligible Medicare patients at no cost to them. Patients receive an easy-to-use, preconfigured 100Plus wristwatch, and you receive the data on their activity. As of 2019, Medicare reimburses you for recommending and reviewing Remote Patient Monitoring Devices for your patients. Now you can better monitor and engage with your patients, and get paid for that care.

A typical PCP can receive $550k in additional yearly profit from remote monitoring for their average 800 Medicare patients
For Practitioners

Practitioners receive approx. $60 each month1, or $700 annually for each patient for reviewing a patient's data. It takes 20 minutes and can be done by any qualified clinician in your practice. You also receive a one-time reimbursement for RPM setup and patient education.

For Patients

100Plus is a wristwatch wearable that monitors patients' heart and activity and can detect if they fall. It has an Emergency Button that assists patients in getting help from their emergency contacts, 100Plus's 24/7 dispatch, and 911 if needed.

The device is free for eligible Medicare patients.2 Designed specifically for seniors, it's easy to use - and arrives fully configured with cellular connectivity with no setup required. All the patient needs to do is take it out of the box, adjust it to their wrist size, and start wearing it!

1Medicare reimbursement varies based on your location.

2Users must be an active Medicare patient with a secondary insurance, such as Medigap Parts A, B, C, D, F, G, M, N or another supplementary insurance, that covers their co-pay.

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Still have questions? View our Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions and Answers

What is 100Plus?

100Plus is a wristwatch designed for seniors that monitors for sudden changes or stopping of heart, falling and accidents, and steps, and also allows wearers to get help from 911 dispatch and their designated emergency contacts if needed. The solution sends patient data to the medical provider to be reviewed on a monthly basis, which enables providers to qualify for Medicare reimbursement under the new Remote Patient Monitoring program. As part of the Remote Monitoring program, providers are reimbursed for the setup, hardware and service costs, and ongoing review of patient data. Eligible Medicare patients receive the wristwatch and service at no cost to them.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Medicare has long attempted to incentive providers to engage with elderly patients more proactively, versus traditional periodic visits when a patient’s condition has escalated. To drive this initiative forward, 2019 Medicare's Remote Patient Monitoring program compensate providers for recommending and reviewing data from a products like 100Plus that monitor patients. Remote patient monitoring simply refers to the use of technology to record health data for review by a provider in a different location than the patient. It is a great resource for many physicians caring for patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, are less mobile, are at risk of falling, or are geographically separated from their healthcare providers.

Which providers are eligible to participate?

Medical providers with a valid NPI (National Provider Identifier) who bill Medicare may participate. Medicare uses the term ‘qualified clinician,’ which can refer to a licensed doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, and physician's assistant.

Which patients are eligible to participate?

Patients aged 65+ who can benefit from remote monitoring are eligible to participate as part of Medicare’s new Remote Patient Monitoring initiative. It’s best suited for seniors who have any of the following: heart risk or disease, obesity, are at risk of falling, those with limited mobility or who live alone and may need emergency help on demand.

How much do I get paid?

Providers receive approximately $55/month ($660 per patient per year) for reviewing data from products like 100Plus once a month for 20 minutes. The review of the patient data can be delegated to qualified practitioners in your practice. Providers can also bill approximately $20 for RPM setup and patient education. Here is a breakdown for additional revenue based on how many Medicare patients you serve: 1 patient x (($55 x 12 months) + $20) = $680 per year 50 patients x (($55 x 12 months) + $20) = $34,000 per year 250 patients x (($55 x 12 months) + $20) = $170,000 per year

What does it cost my patients?

Nothing - it is FREE for eligible Medicare patients. Patients who do not have Medicare part B coverage with Medigap Parts A, B, C, D, F, G, M, N or a supplementary insurance may have co-pays.

Enrolling in 100Plus

How do I sign up for 100Plus?

You can create an account for your medical practice at You will need to provide basic information about your medical practice (name, address, etc), including a valid National Provider Identifier (NPI). After you sign the license agreement (affiliate and business associate’s agreements), you will be eligible to start enrolling your Medicare patients in the 100Plus program (with their consent). We will reach out to you to schedule a brief remote training session with your practice to get you up and running. We will train your front office staff to identify ideal 100Plus patients and ensure the patient qualifies for reimbursement. Additionally, 100Plus will need direct access to the practice’s biller to ensure that reimbursement is submitted correctly.

How do I get 100Plus watches for my patients?

If you have identified a Medicare patient who would benefit from 100Plus, you can enroll the patient via the 100Plus portal. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. You enter their basic info (name, address, etc)
2. Then you designate their emergency contacts.
3. Have the patient sign the 100Plus User Agreement. (Easiest way is in-person at your office. Alternatively we can have them sign via email, or regular mail.)

The 100Plus watch will be shipped to the patient; the device will be fully setup and activated with their emergency contacts configured and cellular connectivity enabled. The device will be associated to the medical provider who recommended it. Your patient can simply open the package and start to wear it. It’s important that you discuss your recommendation and the program with your patient, so they understand its benefits and the importance of their continued usage of the watch once they receive it. These steps are simple - we will show you how to do it during the remote training session.

What is my patient's financial obligation?

Important: There is no financial obligation to the patient if he or she is a Medicare Part B enrollee and has Medigap type supplementary insurance that covers co-pays. Otherwise, the patient may be subject to just the copay fees.

What do my patients need to do?

Your patients need to sign 100Plus’ User Agreement. After that, we will reach out to verify their shipping information and then ship them a pre-configured, ready-to-wear watch. Once they receive it, all they need to do is adjust it to fit their wrist and start wearing it and charge it, as needed.

How much training will my patients require?

Little to none. The watch is designed for seniors and very easy to use. It has a large and simple display, is fully cellular without the user needing to setup a plan or pay for a mobile phone plan, and has a battery that lasts several days and can be charged while the user wears it.

How do I get my patients’ data from the watch?

Periodically, the watch will send data (usage, heart rate, and falls and emergencies activity) to your 100Plus portal. It does this automatically via our cellular network with no patient intervention. Every month, you will be notified via email to log in and document your review. Note that there are no costs and no configuring of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for you or the user.

Can I track watch shipments? Shipment status?

Within the ‘Enrollment’ section of the 100Plus portal you can view how far along in the enrollment process your patient is: this includes successfully providing all necessary contact information, signing the User Agreement, and completed enrollment. When 'Enrollment' is complete, devices are ready to be shipped and we can provide the tracking number upon request.

Reconciling Patient Data

Where can I track my patients’ activity?

The 100Plus portal contains all the information you need to monitor your patients’ activity. You can see if they have provided all the necessary information to receive a watch, including signing the User Agreement. Once they start wearing the watch, you can also see all of the statistics on their usage, heart rate, and incident activity.

Where does the data show up?

Patient data is transferred continually to your provider portal via small, secure, HIPAA compliant data messages. To view this data, log into your provider portal by clicking here. In the portal, you will be able to view all of the patient's data over a 30-day period and finalize before submitting to your billing department.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

If your patient experiences a cardiac event or a fall and needs help, the watch will contact dispatch and their emergency contacts. The medical practice will receive a notification the next day that there was an event, so you can follow up with them as needed.

What do I need to do each month?

Each month, you will be notified to review your patients’ activity via the 100Plus portal Your biller will submit reimbursement to Medicare for this review activity. You can log a patient report based on this review via the doctor portal.


Without requesting insurance information, how is the device given to patient? Who pays for it?

When a patient is enrolled in the 100Plus program, we do not need to collect the patients Medicare or supplemental information because we do not bill Medicare. We take the provider at their word and expect them to have done their due diligence before enrolling that their coverage is active. At this time, we do not have the man power to offer benefit investigations to our patients but are looking into adding those services down the road. We cover the cost of the hardware, network service, and 24/7 dispatch and then are reimbursed by Medicare just like your practice (CPT code 99454).

How do I get reimbursed?

2019 Medicare reimbursement rules compensate medical providers for prescribing and reviewing data that is produced by monitoring devices that capture/store/transmit patients’ physiological data, and also subsidize the device/service costs. You receive a one-time reimbursement for setup and patient education. Every Month, you receive an additional reimbursement of, on average, $59/per patient per month or $708 per patient per year.

How do I bill for reimbursement?

We will send a monthly notification to your biller with detailed instructions on what to bill. Once the data is reviewed, your biller will be notified prompted to submit a claim for your services to CMS.

How Does Patient Support Work?

What if my patient has questions?

Your patient can learn more about the watch and program at If they have specific questions, they can reach our Help Center by emailing or contact us at (844) 483-7587, Option 2.

What if the patient can’t get a cell signal in their house?

In the event a patient can't get a signal in their home to detect their exact GPS location, our dispatch will provide local 911 with their home address as a last resort. This is why it is crucial that the patient's home address is entered correctly upon enrollment. In the event there is no connection, the watch will display "100Plus Connecting" but the watch only requires a limited amount of network to upload the data to our dispatch (1 bar should be sufficient).

What if I have more questions?

What if I have more questions?

If you are practitioner and you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to email or call (844) 483-7587, Option 1.