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Remote Patient Monitoring

100Plus empowers clinicians to provide remote patient monitoring devices at no cost1 to manage their chronic patients while earning $720 per patient per year in
additional revenue.

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one time per patient

CPT 99453

RPM setup and patient education


per patient per year

CPT 99454

RPM devices and data transmission


per patient per year

CPT 99457

Review, interpretation, and basic communication of RPM data insights.

up to $1,174

per patient per year

CPT 99458

Each additional 20 minutes of RPM time up to 2x

The only RPM provider with a complete end-to-end offering

100Plus is the fastest growing Remote Patient Monitoring provider because we are the only vendor who does all of the heavy lifting to get your remote patient monitoring program up and keep it on track. Our entire implementation and ongoing patient adherence – You just chart.

  • Facilitation of patient outreach, education, and enrollment⁴
  • Device setup and shipping directly to your patients
  • Daily adherence to ensure patients are testing
  • Population Health Management Alerting for at-risk patients
  • Practitioner dashboard and templates to review patient data
  • Automatically bill generation for practitioner payment reconciliation⁵
  • Full practice and patient support based in the US

The result is simple – more patients enrolled, which means your population is safer and your practice drives more revenue. That’s why 100Plus is the fastest growing remote patient monitoring vendor.

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How it works


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We enroll your patients and ship their devices

100Plus’ complimentary concierge (no additional cost) will connect to your EHR, and automatically identify patients who are eligible for the remote patient monitoring program, and also perform patient consent and training. We ship devices directly to your patients fully configured and ready to use without any phone, app, or setup.


We keep your patients adherent and identify any out of a safe range

Our Nursebot AI reaches out to your patients to ensure they are testing daily. If a patient’s test is outside of a safe testing range, we inform your staff immediately.


You review patient data

100Plus streams the data from your patient's device into your 100Plus Provider Portal account. Each calendar month, we notify your practice to review the patient's data and ensure you meet Medicare review requirements.


Get paid

You bill the insurer (e.g. Medicare) based on your standard billing practices for CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

Advanced devices

The Best Remote Monitoring platform for your practice


For Practitioners

No upfront fees for doctors

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White Glove setup (patient outreach, education, and enrollment)

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Rapid scaling (ability to onboard entire patient populations in days)

Check markEx mark

Medicare eligibility and prior authorization checking

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AI-Assisted Nursebot for patient adherence and coaching

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Predictive Population Health Management & Nursebot to ensure patient adherence

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For Patients

No cost devices, consumables and shipping to patients

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Shipped to user ready to use (including warranty and free replacements)1

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Integrated cellular without monthly plan or bill

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Automatically sends data to doctors without user intervention

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Consumables (batteries, glucose strips, and lancets provided in perpetuity)

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9am - 9pm ET product support via phone, online chat, and email

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Provide future hardware to patients an no cost1

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Monthly product feature releases to enhance practitioner and patient functionality

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a. Available with additional upfront cost.
b. Medical Practice is required to distribute devices to patients and link device serial number to patient profile in competitors 'software and patient must use device manufacturer's app to set up bluetooth devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100Plus?
What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?
How do I get 100Plus remote monitoring devices for my patients?
Where can I track my patients’ activity?
How do I get reimbursed?

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1. Patient co-pay and deductible may apply for remote patient monitoring services.
2. Total potential revenue not inclusive of 100Plus service fee for 94105 zip code.
3. Reimbursement is dependent on region.
4. The practice reviews and approves all patients that are enrolled in the RPM program.
5. The practice is accountable for billing submission to the appropriate payer. 100Plus assists in the creation of the superbill.