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  • Free — The only offering that is no cost to you and your patients.
  • Most extensive offering — 100Plus serves more conditions, including heart disease, low/high blood pressure, CHF, diabetes, & weight.
  • Fastest to Implement — You will be up and running in minutes and have devices to your patients in days.
  • White-Glove Enrollment — Whether onboarding 10 or 10,000 patients, rapidly performs outreach and education to your patients.
  • Predictive Population Health Management™ — 100Plus continuously tracks your patients’ health information and sends you alerts for intervention and prevention of episodic care.

Blood Pressure Cuff

The 100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff provides practitioners like you the fastest and most accurate reading using an advanced measuring technique. Patient blood pressure information is available in a practitioner-centric portal, so you can better care for your patient between visits.

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Digital Weight Scale

Keep track of your patients’ weight remotely with the 100Plus Digital Weight Scale. This smart scale enables practitioners like you to remotely monitor crucial changes in patient mass providing insights that are critical for patients with CHF and that are overweight or obese. Stay connected to your patients’ wellbeing with clear, continuous, and accurate data.

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Blood Glucose Monitor

Remotely measure patient glucose levels with the 100Plus Blood Glucose Monitor. Get clinical information at-a-glance in our practitioner portal and make better decisions based on comprehensive and continuous patient information. Ensure that diabetic patients are keeping their glucose levels healthy and take action when their levels change. 

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Emergency Watch

Falls and accidents happen — make sure your patients are prepared. Monitor for changes in heart activity with the 100Plus Emergency Watch. If an accident occurs, the connected device can alert emergency services, the patient’s care team, and other programmed contacts. In addition to this life-saving functionality, the Emergency Watch also tracks patient step count. 

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Differentiated Product Offerings

Our ecosystem of remote patient monitoring devices offers comprehensive benefits for patients, families, and practitioners. Here’s how we compare.

100Plus logoOther
For Practitioners
No upfront fees for doctors
White glove setup (Patient outreach, education, and enrollment)1
Rapid scaling (Ability to onboard entire patient populations in days)
Medicare eligibility checking and billing w/ no fees (Saving ~6% in billing fees)
Predective Population Health Management & Nursebot to ensure patient adherence
For Patients
Free to patients (for up to 5 devices)
Shipped to user ready to use (inc. warranty and free replacements)
Integrated cellular without monthly plan or bill1
Automatically sends data to doctors without user intervention2
Consumables (batteries, glucose strips and lancets provided in perpetuity)
9am - 9pm ET product support via phone, online chat, and email
Provide future hardware to patients an no cost
Monthly product feature releases to enhance practitioner and patient functionality

1 Available with an additional upfront cost.
2 Medical Practice is required to distribute devices to patients and link the device serial number to the patient profile software and patient must use device manufacturer app to set up Bluetooth devices.

Laptop Patient Reporting

Provider Portal

When you register as a 100Plus Practitioner, you’re signing up to drive better outcomes for your patients. You can reduce episodic care and improve patient care by continuously monitoring high-risk seniors in your population while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue for your practice.

From the minute you register as a 100Plus practitioner, we take care of you with a fully white-glove service so you can focus on your patient care. What does that mean for you? We handle patient outreach, enrollment, device setup, and support — you just review the data.

100Plus will also provide training to doctors, physicians assistants, and nurses, so the entire care team can learn how to chart with 100Plus.

Population Health Management

Population health management alerts enable the providers to receive notifications when at-risk patients’ results are out of a defined range.* This alert feature lets you easily and timely review your most at-risk patient data rather than having to sort and sift through your entire patient population. So how exactly do population health management alerts work?

Population health management alerts: Your patients take tests on their devices daily. Our hope and yours is that their data will fall within clinically acceptable normal ranges.* When they do not fall within those ranges, an email will be sent to you with the following information:

  • Alert type
  • Alert status (high, medium, low)
  • Alert range
  • Link to patient report

After logging in, you will automatically be routed to the patient report with the test data within the alert range.

You’ll be able to write notes on the data and take appropriate actions to provide better care to your highest risk patients. You’ll also be able to record time spent on actions performed for Medicare reimbursement.

Population health management with 100Plus provides:

A higher level of care: 100Plus population health management alerts enable you to receive a notification when your patient has test data outside an acceptable range, which could indicate a health issue that may need medical attention. This means you can proactively provide care to your patients and may be able to prevent unnecessary episodic medical events.

Time more efficiently spent on high-risk patients: Population health management alerts make it easy for medical providers like you to triage care based on your patients’ needs. Let 100Plus population health management alerts save you time so you can focus on improving patient outcomes.

Additional revenue for your practice: You will be reimbursed by Medicare for the time you spend reviewing the alert, logging into the 100Plus portal to view patient test data, patient outreach, and adjusting medical care as a result of your review. Here are the CPT codes you can use: 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

Blood Pressure – High

How it works

100Plus is the fastest and easiest remote patient monitoring platform to implement. You can be
Live in Five™ and have your first patients setup in minutes!

  1. Sign up You can sign up within minutes by providing just a few details.
  2. Enroll your patient(s) Add your patient's information and select the 100Plus device you'd like your patient to receive. We'll take care of outreach, enrollment, and patient education.
  3. Patients receive and use the device We ship the device directly to your patient fully configured. Your patient unpacks the device and can immediately start to use it without any setup.
  4. Review patient data 100Plus streams the data from your patient's device into your account on the 100Plus Provider Portal. After 30 days, we notify your practice to review the patient's data and send out a report.
  5. Get paid We direct your biller to bill Medicare for CPT 99453, 99457, and 99454. You keep the Medicare payment for CPT 99453 and 99457. After Medicare payment, we debit your account for CPT 99454, minus co-pay, to cover our hardware, cellular services, hosting, and customer support.

How to enroll your patients

100Plus offers customized patient enrollment services to meet your practice needs at no cost. From enrolling one patient at a time to full-service white glove patient enrollment from your EHR system, the 100Plus Customer Success team is here to help you make the best choices for your practice.

EHR White Glove Service

This is a complete concierge service for doctors and their practices. 100Plus Implementation Managers are experts in managing patient enrollment. From coordinating your patient list from your EHR system to the 100Plus Provider Portal, 100Plus White Glove service includes coordinated patient enrollment, signing, and device delivery, as well as premier support throughout the entire process.

Integrated patient enrollment

If you’ve already created a patient report, you can enroll patients by uploading your list directly into the Provider Portal using our 100Plus template. You then choose how you would like to have patients sign their agreement — in office, through email, or over the phone — you’ve added the patients and have complete flexibility to integrate as you go.

Enroll as you go

If you haven’t created a report and haven’t opted for white-glove enrollment with 100Plus, you can add patients as need arises or as they become eligible for remote patient monitoring within the Provider Portal.

Combination services

Let us help you get your patients on the platform quickly and then continue to add as you identify new patients for 100Plus remote patient monitoring.

Answers from the 100Plus Team

If you have any questions about 100Plus remote patient monitoring devices or want to talk with someone about how it works, give us a call at +1 (844) 483-7587 to click here to chat with one of our Customer Support experts.

What is 100Plus?

100Plus is an ecosystem of remote patient monitoring devices for seniors on Medicare. The platform solution sends patient data to medical practitioners for review, which enables these providers to qualify for Medicare reimbursement under the new Remote Patient Monitoring program. As part of the Remote Patient Monitoring program, providers are reimbursed for the setup, hardware, and service costs, as well as ongoing review of patient data. Eligible Medicare patients receive devices at no cost to them.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Medicare has long attempted to create incentives to providers to engage with elderly patients more proactively, versus traditional periodic visits when a patient’s condition has escalated. To drive this initiative forward, 2019 Medicare's Remote Patient Monitoring program compensates providers for recommending and reviewing data from products like 100Plus that monitor patients. Remote patient monitoring simply refers to the use of technology to record health data for review by a provider in a different location than the patient.

How do I get 100Plus remote monitoring devices for my patients?

There is no financial obligation to the patient if he or she is a Medicare Part B enrollee and has Medigap type supplementary insurance that covers copays. Otherwise, the patient may be subject to just the copay fees.

Where can I track my patients’ activity?

The 100Plus portal contains all the information you need to monitor your patients’ activity. You can track patient enrollment, see if they have provided all the necessary information to receive a device, including signing the User Agreement, and track their device shipment. Once they start using their device, you can also see all of their clinical data.

How do I get reimbursed?

2019 Medicare reimbursement rules compensate medical providers for prescribing and reviewing data that is produced by monitoring devices that capture/store/transmit patients’ physiological data and subsidize the device/service costs.   


Every month, you receive an additional reimbursement of, on average, $55 per patient per month, or about $660 per patient per year. In addition, you receive a one-time reimbursement for setup and patient education for each patient: approximately $20 per patient. Note: these amounts may vary by location.

What if my patient has questions?

Your patient can learn more at Our Help Center experts can answer specific patient questions via email at or phone: +1 (844) 483-7587.


* May be subject to a copay.
* Alerting based on guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Diabetic Association (AHA source), (ADA source).