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AI-Assisted Remote Care

Esper AI Outreach: Double Your Adoption Rate, Maximize Your Patient Connections

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An Around-the-Clock Virtual Assistant to Boost RPM and CCM Adherence

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) only work when people feel comfortable using them. Our AI-assisted RPM and CCM makes adherence easier than ever.

Esper, our AI virtual health assistant sends notifications and offers genuine encouragement and support. It’s like an extension of your practice in your patients’ home.

The intelligence might be artificial. The connection is 100% real.

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Meet Esper: Your Full-Service AI Virtual Health Assistant

Healthier living can be part of your patients’ lives. Esper will be right there alongside them.

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More Readings. More Information. Better Care Plans.

Artificial Intelligence for remote care is an extension of your staff.

You’re almost in the room — and empowering patients to live healthier, better lives.

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How AI Assists Seniors With Patient Monitoring

AI virtual health assistance, when implemented in RPM or CCM programs, creates easy access to support and education for older adults.

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Recent Patient FAQS

“What can Esper help me with?”

Esper can call or text you with reminders, send shipping updates, and even provide words of encouragement. You can add Esper to your contacts and send proactive texts if you need help with your device.

Patient Corner: How AI Devices Keep You Connected

Esper might not be a person, but she’s really committed to helping you live your best life.

The 100Plus AI virtual health assistant is a friendly voice that helps you maintain a schedule and take regular readings. We know that you might not be used to this kind of monitoring. We’re here to make it easy and practical, so you can get on with your day.

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Esper Drives Engagement and Helps Improve Outcomes

“With AI-enabled RPM, we are streamlining our clinical workflow, improving our overhead and, most important, improving patient outcomes.”

Eric Navarette
Practice Manager
Sweetwater Medical Associates

“We have seen tremendous results from patients enrolled with the 100Plus RPM. Their clinical health metrics improved, they have become more engaged in their health, and more compliant with their care plans.”

Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad
Program Manager
Greenville Healthcare Associates
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Expand Your Outreach With Monitoring Assistance

Esper is excellent at collecting data. We’ll make the data work for you.

Our team monitors incoming data and helps encourage participation, so you only need to see what matters most.

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