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Information on remote patient monitoring equipment, usage, and more.

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Remote Patient Monitoring: Your Path Toward A Healthier Life

Why do we care about in-home monitoring? So your provider can see how you’re doing. You can manage conditions—not just react—and live a better, healthier life.

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FAQs on Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

When you have a chronic condition and are not able to share your biometrics with your doctor daily, they don’t have the necessary information to adjust your care plan between visits and reduce the chance of a trip to the hospital or emergency department.

The cost of remote monitoring is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans. This includes the complimentary devices, because RPM has been shown to reduce the frequency of expensive hospitalizations that could have been prevented if the doctor was able to intervene. You may use standard copay and deductible.

Your device is ready to go. All you need to do is unpack the box and turn it on. For more detail, see our quick start guides.

We encrypt your personal information. We follow and stand up for all applicable Federal privacy laws.

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Meet Esper: Your AI Assistant Who Helps Keep You On Track

We know that this is new to you. That’s why all our devices come with Esper, an AI assistant who helps keep you on track.

With simple text messages, Esper reminds you to take readings and answers questions you might have.

You don’t want to keep going to the clinic. Esper brings the clinic to you.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About RPM

You have questions. We have answers. Learn more about how remote monitoring works, and how it works toward your better health outcome.

Explore our Comprehensive Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

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