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Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Equipment

Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use. A Streamlined Way for Providers To Connect to Their Patients.

Woman using remote patient monitoring device to check blood pressure readings on phone
Doctor With Senior Patient

RPM Devices To Create Better Connections With Your Patients

You can’t see every patient every day. You don’t want to have to take readings on a daily or weekly basis.

But you can benefit from recognizing worrisome trends early and taking preventive action between visits.

Remote patient monitoring devices from 100Plus allow your practice to be there even when you aren’t there.

By receiving regular, even daily readings of vital signs from patients with chronic illnesses, you can easily keep track of trends and notifications, adjusting health plans accordingly.

Remote Monitoring Devices That Are Easy To Use For Your Patients

The biggest challenge to remote patient monitoring is adherence.

Getting patients to stick to a plan is tough, and if they don’t, it may interfere with their care plans and your ability to be reimbursed.

Our devices are designed to be easy to use to promote patient adherence. With no smartphone, no app, and no wifi needed, all four of our devices require only simple cellular connection. That makes it easy for patients to use with nearly any at-home technology.

Start The Path Toward Better Patient Care

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