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RPM Pulse Oximeter

Remotely measure patient pulse and blood oxygen levels with the 100Plus pulse oximeter.

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Woman taking blood oxygen reading with pulse oximeter

Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use. Dedicated to Better Health Outcomes

Pulse Oximeter

The 100Plus pulse oximeter is a cellular-connected device that measures oxygen saturation in the bloodstream and sends real-time, reliable data to a patient’s provider and care team.

When a patient receives a 100Plus Pulse Oximeter, it’s fully configured and ready to use right out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required.

  • SpO2 Measurement
  • Pulse Rate Measurement
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Large Display Screen
  • 4G

RPM Pulse Oximeters Make It Easy To Create Better Outcomes

Collect Fast and Accurate Pulse and Blood Oxygen Measurements

This remote monitoring device allows practitioners to remotely monitor patients by delivering fast and accurate pulse and blood oxygen measurements. Patient readings are automatically sent to your practice and are available in a practitioner-centric portal, so you can provide better care for your patients between visits. ‍

Deliver a dramatically higher level of care to your patients by unlocking the value of remote patient monitoring.

Manage your most critical chronic care patients using real-time, immediately transmitted pulse oximeter results.

Full Service For You and Your Patients

The devices ship directly from us to your patients. Your office never needs to be a go-between. You just start getting results.

  • Free Shipping to Patient
  • Concierge Setup & Education
  • Unlimited Support
  • Free Battery Replacement
  • Free Device Replacement

Patient Applications of RPM Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximetry is commonly used for patients with cystic fibrosis as it allows physicians to monitor for signs of hyperoxia, or lack of sufficient blood oxygen supply.

The 100Plus pulse oximeter helps providers monitor patients’ ongoing blood oxygen levels and streams it directly into the 100Plus provider portal where clinicians can access COVID-19 symptom data.

Asthma affects a patient’s ability to breathe and therefore, the amount of oxygen reaching the rest of their body. Using a pulse oximeter regularly can help providers measure blood oxygen levels, assess asthma severity, and make more informed treatment decisions.

Pulse oximetry can help detect low oxygen levels for patients with pneumonia before symptoms worsen, enabling physicians to adjust the patient’s care plan and mitigate any potential issues.

Pulse oximetry can be helpful for remotely monitoring patients with COPD. Using a pulse oximeter to monitor patients blood oxygen levels can help providers monitor COPD severity and treat it accordingly.

The use of pulse oximetry may be beneficial for patients suffering from any of these conditions as it can help determine and ensure safe oxygenation levels.

A pulse oximeter can help providers establish baseline oxygen saturation and monitor changes in blood oxygen levels for patients suffering from heart failure. It is also effective for measuring the patient’s response to treatment.

Ready to Learn More About What Remote Pulse Monitoring Can Do for Your Patients?

You can’t see every patient every day. Remote patient monitoring devices from 100Plus allow your practice to be there even when you aren’t there.

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What 100Plus Does for Your Practice

Enroll More Patients

Enroll Your Patients

Practices may choose to enroll as you go, or our white-glove service team will connect to your EHR, identify patients eligible for the RPM program, perform healthcare insurance eligibility, prior authorization, patient consent, enrollment, education and ongoing support. We ship devices directly to your patients fully configured and ready to use.

Increase Patient Adherence

Help Drive Patient Adherence

Esper, our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, engages patients to ensure regular testing and compliance. If a patient’s results fall outside of a safe range, our clinical team will escalate to your staff based on a set of customized parameters so your practice can quickly intervene.

patient notes

Make Billing More Efficient

The 100Plus provider portal makes billing more efficient through automated charge drafts, monitoring time tracking, and easy access to RPM claims data for billing substantiation. The 100Plus clinical team can enter patient notes directly into your EMR, and generate claims for your review and submission.

Get reimbursed

Get You Reimbursed

Easily track and review claims from our 100Plus portal. Practices can bill insurers (e.g. Medicare) based on standard billing practices for CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

No Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi. Just Connect.

Our devices only require a cellular connection. There’s no smartphone, no app, and no Wi-Fi needed. That makes it easy for patients to use with nearly any at-home technology. It’s the hardware that makes RPM easy.

Get Your Patients Started on a Path Toward Healthier Lives

Remote monitoring connects you to your patients, and helps you create better care plans. Let’s work toward better health outcomes for chronic conditions.

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