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Remote Patient Monitoring: The Basics

What do you need to do to set up remote patient monitoring (RPM)? Not much.

Explore our Comprehensive Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring.

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How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

Medicare has long attempted to incentivize providers to deliver more proactive versus episodic care, when a patient’s condition has escalated.

To drive this initiative forward, Medicare’s Remote Patient Monitoring program compensates providers for recommending and reviewing data from products like 100Plus that monitor patients.

Remote patient monitoring simply refers to the use of technology to record health data for review by a provider in a different location than the patient. It is a great resource for many physicians caring for patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, are less mobile, are at risk of falling, or are geographically separated from their healthcare providers.

What is the 100Plus Platform?

100Plus is a remote monitoring solution for seniors which empowers them to remain independent and connected to their family.

The platform enables doctors like you to start managing your chronic patients remotely with no cost to you or your patients, while yielding robust economics for your practice.

Patients never need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to be connected. All our devices are fully configured and ready to go with just a regular cellular connection.

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Tips for Proper Billing

The information you need to know to understand billing.

  • All patients need an order on file for RPM services. Order should include the diagnosis for the patient referred for RPM. Typically, an order or script for RPM services should be housed in the physician’s EHR
  • A provider can only bill 99454 once per patient every 30 days regardless of the number of devices used.
  • RPM must be conducted by a Qualified Health Care Professional, but codes 99457 and 99458 can be conducted under general supervision of the QHCP by other members of the care team.
  • “Interactive communication” for purposes of CPT codes 99457 and 99458 requires, at a minimum, a real-time synchronous, two-way audio interaction that is capable of being enhanced with video or other kinds of data transmission.
  • The duration of the “interactive communication” described above does not have a specific time requirement. For the monitoring time codes (99457 and 99458), interactive communication is one component of the overall 20 minutes of monitoring time.

Read More About Billing and Reimbursement

*Disclaimer: The guidance provided is for reference purposes only. Practitioners should ask properly trained and certified billing personnel to review claims prior to submission to confirm compliance with billing requirements for their specific scenarios.

Meet Esper: The AI Assistant Who Helps Keep Patients On Track

Esper is the face of your remote patient monitoring program, providing your patients a single point of entry for any questions they have.

Esper answers as much as she can, and then triages to our support team and then your practice as appropriate.

Learn more about Esper—your AI partner in patient health

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About RPM

You have questions. We have answers. Learn more about how remote monitoring works, and how it works toward achieving better healthcare outcomes for your patients.

Explore our Comprehensive Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring systems

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