Meet Esper, the AI-enabled virtual health assistant that supports your practice and patients

AI-Assisted Remote Patient Monitoring

We know your time is valuable, and most providers would benefit from an around-the-clock assistant. So, we built one for your practice.

The 100Plus RPM platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to assist your practice with patient outreach, device setup, enrollment, engagement and education, ensuring your patients test regularly and stay compliant. The result is dramatically higher patient adherence and meaningful outcomes.

Practices see over a 2X increase in the RPM adoption rate among patient enrollments with Esper AI outreach.

Esper is an AI-enabled, text message based chatbot that helps your practice:

  • Scale your remote patient monitoring (RPM) program faster
  • Better onboard and educate patients on your RPM program
  • Gather more readings from patients enabling better calibration of their care plans in between visits
  • Answer your patients’ questions about RPM, reducing the number of calls and emails to your practice
  • Reduce the administrative burden for providers and staff
Patient checking blood pressure on 100Plus blood pressure cuff

100Plus RPM Overview

100Plus’ RPM services provide at-risk patients with remote monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, pulse oximeters, and blood glucose monitors. The devices require no setup and automatically capture physiological data enabling providers to monitor and analyze patients’ vitals and other health information outside of traditional clinical settings.

Patient Consent and Enrollment

Upon enrollment, Esper, our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, performs outreach via SMS (no app required) as a member of the practice to facilitate patient consent. Messages sent by 100Plus include a link to the practice-branded patient education page, informing patients about their complimentary devices and answering common questions. This page will conveniently upload the patient agreement, which they can sign with one click on their phone. This accelerates the patient enrollment process while alleviating the burden of patient outreach from the practice staff.

Shipment Tracking, Onboarding, and Education

Esper sends SMS alerts regarding device shipment status to ensure patients are home to receive their devices. Esper also educates patients on setting up and using their devices, which helps minimize the number of calls that practices need to make to get patients started with their RPM program.


After enrollment and training, Esper engages patients with SMS alerts intelligently triggered when patients fall out of adherence. Patients receiving adherence reminders are more engaged and use their remote physiologic monitoring program provided by their doctor for 34% longer than patients without mobile phone and Esper.