Best Practices for taking at home blood pressure readings

Best Practices for taking at home blood pressure readings

Proper training and technique for patients is the best way to ensure accurate readings with your at-home blood pressure monitor. Some of the most common reasons for inaccurate readings can be as simple as an ill-fitting cuff. 100Plus provides accurate and reliable at-home blood pressure devices and proper patient training to guarantee precise patient data for clinicians. 

Accurate blood pressure measurements are crucial to remote patient monitoring. Keeping clinician and health care providers informed with the most up to date patient readings is the best way to work preventatively. Consistent inaccurate results can lead to untreated high or low blood pressure which, over time, can become dangerous for patients. 

Ways to guarantee accurate at-home blood pressure readings

  1. One of the best ways to ensure accurate results with an at-home blood pressure monitor is to compare in-office and at-home readings. This guarantees at-home device accuracy and reliability. It also lets clinicians know if patients are successfully using their at-home devices.

  2. Use a cuff style monitor. The cuff style monitor, offered by 100Plus, is preferred over the wrist monitor when it comes to accuracy. These cuff style monitors from 100Plus, along with the in-depth training provided, make it easy for patients to take their blood pressure consistently and accurately.

  3. Another way to ensure accuracy with at-home blood pressure devices is to make sure patients are using the right size cuff. Measuring your mid-upper arm, where the cuff will be placed, will help to determine which size is right for you. From small to extra larget, the size of the cuff can differ greatly. Using the wrong size will make an accurate reading more difficult. To guarantee precise results, patients should be fitted to the correct cuff size for their at-home blood pressure monitors. 

With all these steps and techniques, patients and clinicians alike can be confident in their at-home blood pressure monitor readings and work together to ensure the health of all remote patients. 

To learn best practices for your patients at home blood pressure monitor, reach out to the 100Plus support team for the best at home training in the remote patient monitoring industry. 

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