EHR Integration

We make it possible to integrate your EHR with your 100Plus RPM solution. Having an integrated EHR and RPM solution allows providers to understand their patient population and enroll patients directly, as well as automatically push claim notifications from 100Plus into their EHR as a charge on the visit.

Integrating an EHR with the 100Plus remote patient monitoring solution enables:

  • Batch patient RPM program enrollment.
  • Crucial remote patient monitoring services so practices can scale their patient population.
  • Streamlined workflows and reduced manual processes.
EHR integration for CPT codes

Claims Integration with All EHR Providers

When claim notifications are created for Remote Patient Monitoring CPT codes by the 100Plus system, they are automatically pushed into a provider's EHR as a charge on a visit. The integration simplifies the provider's billing team's workflow removing the manual process of pushing that claim over — they just review it, and as appropriate, submit it to the payer.

This integration benefits the practice by simplifying the billing process so the clinical or billing team is only required to review and submit claims to the payer.

EHR Integration Options