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100Plus RPM Improves Patient Outcomes at Valley Vista Medical Center

Man Taking Blood Pressure With Granddaughter

100Plus RPM solution enables internal medicine practice to provide enhanced care and better outcomes for patients with hypertension through monitoring, measuring, and support at home.

The Practice

Valley Vista Medical Center in Sierra Vista, Arizona, is a single-clinic internal medicine practice that includes owner/physician Archana Bansal, M.D., one medical assistant, and two staff members. This small but mighty team serves hundreds of patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The Challenge

For years, Dr. Bansal encouraged her patients with hypertension to take their blood pressure from home and write it down on a piece of paper and call the clinic to report their metrics. While some of them were diligent, others lacked the motivation. She knew there must be a better way, and in 2019 her practice became one of the early adopters of RPM technology.

The Solution

After researching several RPM companies, Dr. Bansal decided on the 100plus RPM platform due to its simplicity for patients and because 100plus provided end-to-end support for her practice, including clinical monitoring, billing, eligibility, consent, enrollment, delivery, and device setup.

The Valley Vista clinic team was able to successfully integrate the 100Plus RPM solution within its clinical workflows, meeting the care needs of their hypertension patients without the having to hire additional staff.  Dr. Bansal also said that her team intends to expand the program, enrolling patients with other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, COPD and heart disease.

Enrolling new patients is fully supported by the 100Plus team, which helps manage the process. Based on the condition, enrolled patients receive connective care devices, including a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucose monitor, and scale which automatically record individual readings in their patient portal.

The Results

Valley Vista has seen significant improvements in patients’ clinical health metrics using the 100Plus platform. Of the patients enrolled in the RPM program — 85 percent have seen improvements in their blood pressure, with less than 10 percent registering borderline.

Patients with hypertension enrolled in the clinic’s RPM program experienced statistically significant improvements in their blood pressure metrics, including an average decrease of 11.1 mmHg and 8.3 mmHg in the patient’s systolic and diastolic readings over 180 days

“For several years now, we have leveraged the 100plus RPM solution with strong success among our patients with hypertension who are enrolled in the program,” said Dr. Bansal. “Our RPM patients are very good about taking their regular readings, and we can frequently check the patient data in the 100Plus portal, adjust medication accordingly and help these patients make marked improvements to manage their hypertension. We are serving hundreds of patients in our panel, and for our small-but-mighty practice, this RPM technology is efficient and smart. It helps us to do more with our current resources and enables us to deliver the best care possible to drive improved patient outcomes.”

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