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Remote Patient Monitoring Becomes a Game-Changer for Greenville Healthcare Associates

Doctor Reviewing RPM Dashboard With Specialist

The Practice

Greenville Healthcare Associates is a midsized family practice that has been serving patients in North Texas for over 25 years. The practice consists of six providers, including two M.D.s, four midlevel’s and 27 staff members. Their multidisciplinary care team serves hundreds of Medicare patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and obesity.

The Challenge

In April 2020, the staff and providers at Greenville Healthcare Associates were faced with the enormous task of providing care to their thousands of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like so many other medical practices across the nation, their patients depended on them to stay open. To make matters more difficult, many of their patients lived in rural areas, making it more challenging for them to come in for regular screenings. Not only was it a problem for these patients to get into the office, but it also placed them at significant risk of infection.

The team at Greenville Health Associates began to research options, such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), to help remotely manage their patients’ care. They met with several different

RPM companies, but the issue was that they were required to purchase the devices upfront and then distribute them on their own. This would be an enormous undertaking for the practice, and they knew there must be a better option.

“We have seen tremendous results from patients enrolled with the 100Plus RPM. Their clinical health metrics improved, they have become more engaged in their health, and more compliant with their care plans.”

— Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad, Program Manager Greenville Healthcare Associates

The Solution

Greenville Healthcare Associates, program manager Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad said, “After speaking to numerous RPM companies, we selected 100Plus. We chose the 100Plus RPM platform due to its simplicity for patients and because 100Plus provided a full-service RPM solution that included device shipment, easy out-of-the-box setup, clinical monitoring and billing, patient outreach, education, and enrollment on behalf of the practice.”

The team at Greenville Healthcare Associates quickly and successfully implemented the 100Plus RPM solution for nearly 600 patients during the height of the pandemic. “We have seen tremendous results from our patients enrolled in the 100Plus RPM program. Not only have their clinical health metrics improved, but they have also become more engaged in their health and more compliant with their care plans,” Ziyadeh-Hammad continued.

The Results

The medical staff at Greenville Healthcare Associates saw significant results for their patients enrolled in the 100Plus RPM program, including:

  • An average reduction in random blood glucose of 6.0 mg/dl for patients with diabetes
  • A mean weight loss reduction for patients with obesity of 3.6 lbs
  • An average diastolic blood pressure reduction of 2.3mmHg, and an average systolic blood pressure reduction of 4.6mmHg for patients with hypertension

“Our practice has effectively leveraged the 100Plus RPM solution with ease and great success. It was a critical tool for our care team during the height of the pandemic, and we have continued to develop and grow our RPM program since. Our patients have been more diligent in taking their readings and find the devices are easy to use and effective. We also receive a great deal of support from 100Plus, which enables us to focus on delivering the best possible care for our patients,” concluded Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad at Greenville Healthcare Associates.

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