Improve patient outcomes and make a significant financial impact on your practice with 

100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Why is 100Plus the fastest growing RPM provider?

  • Get timely clinical information and make better decisions based on comprehensive and continuous patient data.
  • No risk - no upfront fees for doctors and no cost to their patients.¹
  • Cellular based RPM devices that are ready to use out of the box - no hassle of downloading apps or setup.
  • Real-time patient health alerts to prevent episodic care events
  • Predictable Medicare reimbursement 
  • Full service at no cost - patient outreach, enrollment, RPM device setup, education and support
  • And more!

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What is 100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring?

Start understanding how your patients are doing between visits with 100Plus’ Remote Patient Monitoring. The 100Plus Blood Pressure Cuff, Digital Weight Scale, Emergency Watch, and Blood Glucose Monitor are all free to your Medicare patients.¹ When a patient receives a 100Plus medical device, it’s fully configured and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required. Provide a dramatically higher level of care to your patients by unlocking the value of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.

¹Patients may be subject to a copay. Patients must have a medical necessity to receive a device.

²National average monthly reimbursement for CPT codes 99453 and 99457, and co-pay for CPT 99454.

*Attendee must have a valid NPI and a currently practicing healthcare provider.

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