100Plus Team

100Plus is the fastest-growing Remote Patient Monitoring platform for doctors and their patients.

Our Mission:

To empower people to be fearless, explore, and live longer lives.

We're Hiring

Part visionaries and part missionaries, the 100Plus team is a group of industry veterans that works each day to bring saving technologies to market. If you’re looking for a place to build your career with an exceptional team while having a massive social impact, take a look at our open positions here.
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard
Founder & CEO
Chris Bumgardner
Chris Bumgardner
Chief Technical Officer
Tina DeLaOssa
Tina DeLaOssa
Senior Vice President of Operations and Customer Success
Larry Stone
Larry Stone
Co-Founder & Principal Software Architect
Meghan Sinclair, Director of Product Management
Meghan Sinclair
Director of Product Management
David Sloan
David Sloan
Associate Director of Sales
Elizabeth Katzki
Elizabeth Katzki
Head of Content Marketing
Peter Antypas
Peter Antypas
Firmware Engineer

Our Investors

<strong>8VC</strong><br/>Led by Joe Lonsdale
Led by Joe Lonsdale
<strong>Maveron</strong><br/>(Howard Schultz's fund)<br/>Led by David Wu
(Howard Schultz's fund)
Led by David Wu
<strong>Western Technology Investment</strong>
Western Technology Investment
<strong>Correlation Ventures</strong><br/>Led by Trevor Kienzle
Correlation Ventures
Led by Trevor Kienzle
<strong>Subtraction Capital</strong><br/>Led by Jason Portnoy
Subtraction Capital
Led by Jason Portnoy
Sidekick Fund
<strong>Plug & Play Ventures</strong>
Plug & Play Ventures
<strong>SVTech</strong><br/>Led by Jun Li
Led by Jun Li
<strong>China Rock Capital Management</strong>
China Rock Capital Management
<strong>Band of Angels</strong>
Band of Angels
Henry Kravis
Co-Founder of KKR
<strong>Ali and Hadi Partovi</strong><br/>Founders of Code.org<br/>Original investors in Facebook & Dropbox
Ali and Hadi Partovi
Founders of Code.org
Original investors in Facebook & Dropbox
<strong>Dr. Mehmet Oz</strong><br/>Host of The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Mehmet Oz
Host of The Dr. Oz Show
<strong>Michael Rubin</strong><br/>CEO of Kynetic
Michael Rubin
CEO of Kynetic
<strong>Barry Volpert</strong><br/>Founder of Crestview Partners
Barry Volpert
Founder of Crestview Partners
Harald Ludwig
President of Macluan Capital
<strong>Josh Kazam</strong><br/>Partner at Two Rivers
Josh Kazam
Partner at Two Rivers
<strong>Tony Robbins</strong><br/>World renowned author, entrepreneur, philanthropist & life coach
Tony Robbins
World renowned author, entrepreneur, philanthropist & life coach
<strong>Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim</strong><br/>Founder Biosense, Impulse Dynamics, Metacure, & Spectrum Dynamics
Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim
Founder Biosense, Impulse Dynamics, Metacure, & Spectrum Dynamics
<strong>Fred St. Goar</strong><br/>Cardiologist & Founder of MirtaCli
Fred St. Goar
Cardiologist & Founder of MirtaCli
Uma Valeti
Cardiologist & CEO of Memphis Meats